Umbrella Payroll

Using Carlin's umbrella solution, Carlin Partnership employs you, the contractor under a permanent overarching employment contract. Carlin then supplies you for short-term assignments and processes your payroll. Carlin provides all of the advantages of being an employee whilst enjoying the benefits of flexible working. Importantly, it is often cheaper and much less hassle than setting up and running your own limited company. [Read More]

Joint Employment Payroll

Joint employment is when an employee has two or more employers and the employers are legally responsible for the employee. The employers share responsibilities for the worker which are detailed in contracts agreed and signed by the employers  [Read More]


Dealing with redundancies or settlement agreements can be tough and expensive. Our outplacement provides your employees who are leaving your company, either voluntarily or involuntarily, with healthy practical career advice and coaching support to help them to make their next move [Read More]

On-boarding Support

Increasingly CPL are being asked to and are wanting to do more for our clients. Our campaign service allows us to build and promote bespoke featured microsites for organisations who openly co-brand. The benefits to the organisation of co-branded recruitment and onboarding are well documented and are a fast-growing online trend. [Read More]

SFC Online Training

CPL have our own online training portal packed full of SFC and CSTF aligned elearning modules. We can set up a branded portal for your organisation in 48 hours  [Read More]

Time & Attendance

Whether you run a single or large family of care homes, managing your people efficiently is key to caring for your patients with efficiency. Many care organisations view credentialing and scheduling as the key hurdle to efficiency. Our view is that the most efficiencies are gained by layering credentialing over scheduling and other staff management processes in a single platform [Read More]